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Scrap gold


With gold trading at record highs, many people find that they have a small fortune sitting in their jewelry boxes of things that haven't been worn for years.
The spot price of gold has more than tripled in the last 6 years!  And most people have old jewelry that they no longer have a use for and is doing nothing other than sitting around gathering dust. 
Many of our customers have found that they have hundreds or even thousands of dollars in worn out or broken jewelry.
We have a solution that your wallet will appreciate.
We will buy all of your..... 
  • Scrap gold
  • Old and worn out jewelry
  • Class rings
  • Broken chains
  • Missing or damaged earrings
  • Dental gold
  • Sterling silver jewelry 
  • Platinum
  • Gold or silver coins
We will test your jewelry to determine the purity of the metal.  We have a very simple formula which will bring you the highest returns.  We don't charge assay or refining fees like some places.  And we pay the highest prices anywhere! 
And we pay you in cash..... IMMEDIATELY!





It only takes a few minutes to evaluate your old gold and there is no cost to you whatsoever.  You have nothing to lose and maybe a LOT to gain!